Стратегии для бинарных опционов лучшие и прибыльные
Бинарные опционы

What are binary options

Binary options are bets on whether an asset will rise in price or not. For example, whether the dollar will rise in price relative to the euro or whether the bitcoin exchange rate will decrease.

Binary options work like this: a trader bets that an asset will rise in price or fall in price within a certain period. Abroad, you can make forecasts for a period of several months, and in Russia, bets are accepted for a few minutes.

If the trader’s assumption is incorrect, he loses the bet. If true, receives income. The income can be different — it is set by the trading platform. This is usually 80-90% of the bid.

Buying a binary option, the participant does not acquire anything, so a binary option cannot be compared with classic instruments like stocks. When buying a share, the investor receives a “part” of the company’s share and is entitled to a part of its profits, the expert notes.

Most often, binary options are used by beginners who want to make money quickly. They are attracted by the simplicity of trading, a small entry threshold and efficiency: you can make a profit in just a couple of minutes. And to lose everything, too.

There is another way to earn money on the Internet. For example, create your own tick-tok channel.
This business consists in recording and regularly posting small interesting videos. The more views – the more the account owner can earn.

The number of views directly depends on the number of subscribers on the channel.

The more, the better.

To get tiktok followers there is a good service.

In general, there are many ways to earn money on the Internet – choose according to your taste.


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